On the 16th of March, 2022, history was made on the soil of Lagos state as the 26th edition of the NUGA games began in the University of Lagos. The University of first choice was definitely not a novice in hosting these games as she had hosted the NUGA games in the year 1968. This 10-day long program was organized and planned by the University. It has been exciting to witness the events that have taken place on the university grounds during these past few days.

As we await the conclusion of these events and the final verdict, we consider the origin of the NUGA games and how it has evolved over time. As at 1965, the year this event was formed, mobile phones were yet to be a thing in Nigeria. Not only are phones now available in abundance but these are now used to facilitate the processes involved in these games. Every participant of the NUGA games is expected to fill out a registration form online. This enables easy access to a database which has information of the participants and the games or sports they’ll be participating in. There is also the use of internet to spread information across various websites, blogs and social media platforms about the event yielding a larger turnout than in its pioneer years.

It is undeniable the effect that technology has in all of life’s processes and this effect is evident in sports. It makes you wonder what would become of the NUGA games in the next 5-10 years. According to techhq, 16% of their respondents believe that technology will transform the current sports technology industry. There are various devices that have made the sports sector more efficient. Devices like wearables help to track training progress such as distance covered by sportsmen or athletes, heart rate and speed. Such use of technology can help trainers and trainees perform better at sports and games and even provide more efficient means of selecting teams.

Technology is rapidly evolving, and the world with it. Remember this post when the next NUGA games hold within the University of Lagos and see how technology would have revolutionized this event. Who knows, you might be a gold medal winner of table tennis sports of the NUGA games from your living room with virtual reality. The possibilities are really endless!

Tech in Sports