This is dependent on the training in particular. This information will be provided to you as you register.

Yes, there is. It will be refunded at the end of your stay/training if there are no damages to the property at the hub incurred at your expense.

 Yes, there are. All the trainings and their modes of delivery are stated on the website. 

Yes. Make a proposal to us on this.

You are only allowed to eat at designated places at the hub.

Yes, there is. Our wifi is unlimited and stable. 

There is a number on the website that you can contact for payments info. 

Yes, there are.

Majority of our trainings require participants to have a laptop. However, computers may be provided in special cases and on request.

The hub is open within the hours of 8am and 6pm.

You will receive a confirmation shortly. You can contact info-nitdahub@unilag.edu.ng for more information.

We can accommodate over 40 people on co-working

Yes, we have ample parking space.

Your certificate will be sent to you by email on the completion of your training.

Sure! There are trainings available for this purpose. You can also join our NIDUS programmes.

While tech is a major driver for what we do at the hub, we are so much more than just tech! If you’re a creative, a business person or even a people person, we are sure there is a way you can fit in at the hub. You can come for our monthly ideathon – NIDUS- to find out more.

There are also trainings available to get you skilled in different areas on tech. You can register for any of them on our website.

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