If you’re on social media at the moment, then you saw the trend online about “wicked employers”. While some of the memes were undeniably funny, it’s not a very happy situation. At Nithub, we’re so glad that this is not something we have to worry about. Our director is definitely not wicked. In fact, he’s the direct opposite.

Yesterday, the Director of Nithub, Dr. Victor Odumuyiwa celebrated his birthday and everyone at the hub sincerely celebrated with him. 

Someone defined a leader as a person who can get people to do something they wouldn’t have otherwise done if the leader wasn’t present. That’s who the Director is. While you’re on earth you’ll come across many types of people with different mindsets, characters and orientations and the director has stood out as one of the most exemplary leaders we’ve met. He’s constantly pushing us to be better versions of ourselves, encouraging our growth across many aspects of life and being interested in developing areas of our interest. Now, many leaders might achieve this but not many achieve this the way he does. 

He has gathered people with different skill sets, recognizing talent in various areas and nurturing them. We’ve recognized him as an excellent leader more than a boss and we’re sincerely grateful that he’s alive and well and still grooming us to be better versions of ourselves. 

The hub celebrates its leader and director. It’s because of his fantastic leadership that the hub has been able to host life changing events such as “Include”, the 10-weeks training program among many others. We’ll host many more and grow even more because this one man has dedicated himself to doing leadership in a way that is exemplary and revolutionary. He has committed himself to doing whatever he finds himself doing well. 

Happy birthday Director. The hub is grateful for you and we sincerely celebrate you!