“Hey Siri, make me a cup of coffee”

You might not have used your Siri beyond setting reminders or placing a phone call through but with compatible devices, Siri can really make you a cup of coffee. Do you not wonder how a thing (phone) can connect to another thing (coffee machine)? Well, that is the technology of Internet of Things, popularly called IoT. It refers to inanimate objects which would not usually be expected to have an internet connection but can communicate over a network independent of human action. These objects can be monitored, controlled and linked over the internet. IoT is used in companies, industries, homes, schools and many other sectors of the world.

IoT devices make use of sensors which collect data and send collected data to a server where it is analyzed with a software, after which information is sent to the user or changes are made that correspond to information received within the network.

If you are still a bit confused about the idea of IoT, an example might help you understand the concept better. The “nest learning thermostat” is an IoT device popular on the market. This thermostat controls the temperature of your home and allows you to adjust it remotely. You could turn off the air conditioning of your home anywhere if you forgot to turn it off before leaving the house. The thermostat also learns your schedule and then automates temperature control based on observed patterns. It could turn down heating when you are about to sleep if it observes that as your preference. So cool, right?

Are you still wondering how big the IoT is? It is big BIG. According to leftronic.com, there were 26.66 billion active IoT devices as at August 2019. Imagine what the number is now! There’s no doubt that in years to come, we’d have more than smart homes or smart cities – we’d have a smart world. It is most likely that every big tech company you can think of is working on IoT devices. You do not have to be left out though, there are many IoT projects you can work on to make life easier for you and yours.

If you want your business to be relevant in the coming technology years, you can be innovative with IoT. With the right amount of messing around and sensors, Siri can definitely make you a cup of coffee. Don’t forget the coffee machine though!