Sounds cool right? If you’re a tech enthusiast then you know this is amazing, if you’re not, well I’m about to tell you why this is amazing. 

A tech hub should create an environment specifically targeted at helping young technology companies thrive. This will only be possible by encouraging experimentation, and not demonizing failure. Nithub UNILAG is exactly that, especially since it’s targeted at young people interested in tech and innovation in and around the University of Lagos. 

But let’s give you a brief introduction into what Nithub UNILAG is: 

NITDA Information Technology Hub (NITHUB) University of Lagos currently has Dr. Victor Odumuyiwa of the Department of Computer Science as it’s head and pioneer Director.

The Hub’s vision is to be the number one research-driven information technology hub in Nigeria. Providing a platform for cross-fertilization of ideas among academia, industries, entrepreneurs, startups and investors towards driving technological innovations and enhancing the digital economy of the nation is NITHUB Unilag’s mission.

So if you’re interested in technology, innovation and you have creative ideas that you need to bring to life, this is exactly what we’re here for, the future is here and technology is the “in” thing now, everything in and around is rooted around technology, so why don’t you let us help you bring your ideas to life?