Include is a tech initiative by Nithub university of Lagos that is driven and targeted at empowering intelligent, skillful and young talents with the tools and access they need to be fully involved in the tech industry and to bring their plans and ideas to life! 

There are a lot of young, sharp minded, creative people with ideas and plans to further develop the tech industry or make lives easier using technology. As the world is evolving, we need these young minds with their brilliant ideas, but a lot of these young people don’t have the tools, the access, the trainings or the financing to bring said ideas to life, but INCLUDE will help bring many of these young minds into the tech space and move them from where they are to where they are meant to be!

How do people get involved with the include initiative ?

Include 1.0 is a sponsored program by the Alumni of the computer science department university of Lagos NAOCSS, the participants chosen were computer science students from the university of Lagos, a test was carried out in order to test their problem solving ability and a criteria was set out to pick those who are truly in need of empowerment and assistance into full involvement in the tech space.  

As we move forward, and with sponsorships from more individuals and organizations with the same vision, more and more young people will be selected and empowered into the tech industry, our vision is basically to equip and assist many young minds with the tools, trainings, mentorship and financing to enable their involvement in the tech industry, to be able to create, innovate, and collaborate till their ideas are brought to life and they are fully involved in tech, creating and innovating.