6 most in-demand tech jobs

The tech industry is becoming increasingly popular and if you would like to know what role to pursue within this industry, you should read this article. We explore the most in-demand tech jobs, their salary range and some skills that would be required for these roles. Some of these roles are no-coding roles!

1.       DevOps engineer

DevOps Engineers manage and solve needs throughout a software development life cycle. They oversee deployment and network operations. They ensure the reliability of applications and are available for quick fixes or changes needed to be made. The average salary of this role is $119,750 annually. Some skills that would be important to have to take on this role are coding and scripting, good communication skills, proper understanding of DevOps best practices.

2.       Product manager

Product managers are responsible for the development of products. They manage products from concept to design and inform a larger team on what to do to develop a product. They set the goals and define the success of products by bridging the gap between consumer needs and business objectives. Average salary of a product manager is $76,014 annually. Good skills to have as a product manager include analytical skills, understanding of user needs and product vision, use of management tools and product lifecycle management.

3.       Information security analyst

Information security analysts monitor an organization’s computer networks and systems. They protect information of organizations from unauthorized persons by monitoring and investigating breaches into a company’s security, installing encryption and firewall programs. They also develop measures to allay a cyberattack. Their annual average salary is $107,580. Some skills necessary for this job are analytical skills, cryptography, risk management and ethical hacking skills.

4.       Project manager

Project managers are in charge of achieving the overall objectives of a project. They define project objectives, obtain or outsource project requirements and manage hindrances and constraints in the project cycle. Project managers develop a project plan and organize tasks to actualize the project. The average salary of a project manager is $62,274 yearly. Skills necessary to have for this role include leadership skills, money management skills, good organizational skills and communication skills. Some people erroneously interchange project management with product management. Check out this post that explains the difference between them.

5.       Cloud engineer

Cloud engineers manage and maintain cloud infrastructure. They effectively use features provided by industry cloud services. They determine if a company should migrate to the cloud and oversee the process. This role is highly in demand as many organizations are transitioning to cloud services for storing data and business applications. The average salary of a cloud engineer is $121,179 annually. Required skills include managerial skills, cloud computing skills and programming skills.

6.       Software engineer

Software engineers design, build and maintain systems software and application software. They are highly in demand because most businesses and organizations require software to run. There are many roles under software engineering like web application development, computer game building etc. These engineers apply software engineering principles and mathematical analysis to solve problems with computer software. The average salary of a software engineer is $77,416 yearly. Skills in computer science and development, programming skills and analytical skills are good skills to have for this job.

If you want to transition to tech and are looking out for a role that will be worth your investment in time and money, you should select one of these six roles. They will be sure to secure you a job as soon as you have developed the right skill set and garnered the knowledge necessary.